Colors On The Nails

When it comes to cosmetics, the only thing that I really enjoy using is nail polish. I have a small box with numerous colors, many that are bright and different than the typical reds and pinks. I like using the brighter colors because they are easier to see on my fingers. They appear as a flash of color while I am typing or while I am randomly moving my hands. This is something I enjoy seeing, and I have found that Doe Deere’s Lime Crime has a large selection of polishes.

My favorite color of nail polish is purple, and while the company doesn’t have this color, there is a beautiful blue and a green that I enjoy using. My nails are important to me because I type for a living. A product that I use on my nails is hardener. This is applied after my nails are painted. It locks in the color on my nails better, and it gives a shine to my nails that makes them look like they are professionally done. The nail polish from Lime Crime seems to absorb better on my nails, and it lasts longer than some of the other polishes that I have used.

After I paint my nails, I usually add some kind of stencil. I will often create a design that matches the time of year, such as rainbows for spring or Christmas trees for winter. I will also try to decorate my nails with various colors to make them look like a rainbow as I paint each nail something different. Lime Crime makes this a little easier with the bright colors that are sold online. The colors blend well together as they have a pastel appearance. I can easily adjust the brightness of the colors by adding more or less polish. The type of polish also makes it easy to use multiple colors on one nail. I have often used two or three colors on each nail to create a disco effect or one that makes my nails look like they have been spray painted. The nail polish doesn’t run together as some of the other polishes I have purchased.

How to Do Your Eye Makeup Like a Pro

If you’ve ever had your eye makeup done by a pro at the department store or anywhere else, you know how great these experts can make you look. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to do the things they do at home by yourself? Well, you can do this!

With a little know-how, you can actually get the professional look on your own. So without further ado, here’s how to do your eye makeup like a professional.

1. Start by purchasing the right products

You need to start by purchasing excellent makeup products. This will make your look in the end. One of the best makeup product lines out there right now is Lime Crime. This company has its base in Los Angeles, California, and they make excellent products for all types of gals. You can find awesome, cruelty-free eye makeup products with them at great prices.

2. Put on an eye base

What’s an eye base? This is a step that many women forget about, but it is integral to a great-looking set of peepers. Eye bases are like primers for your lids. They help in making the eyeliner and eye shadow that you put on stay on all day.

3. Start with a base shadow color

Next, start with whatever shadow color you want as your base. For most women, this is a lighter color that almost matches your skin tone. With that being said, there’s nothing wrong with using a little sheen or glitter for a base as well!

4. Curl those lashes

Once you have your base shadow on, go ahead and curl those lashes. You need to do this first so you don’t mess up your liner trying to do it later.

5. Carefully put on your eye liner

It’s time for eye liner. You put on the base shadow first so that it would be easier to blend the liner into your lid. Don’t blend up the eyelid too much, but smudge it just a little. You can choose an eyeliner that is pretty basic, like black or dark brown or blue, or you can get crazy with something like red, purple or yellow. The choice is yours!

6. Add some flare and fun to your peepers

Now is time for the fun. If you want to do any winged out liner on the sides or curly-q’s, do that now before the mascara

7. Lengthen your lashes with mascara

The last step should always be mascara because you might mess it up accidentally if you put it on too early. Make sure to start at the base with your mascara brush and wiggle your way to the tips of your lashes for the best results.

Cosmetics Industry

Cosmetics like what Lime Crime produces are products that people use to cleanse or change the appearance of the face or body, and do not change or affect the body’s structure or function. There are some products which are considered as both cosmetics and drugs such as anti-dandruff shampoos, sunscreens and anti-acne treatments. The use of cosmetics can be dated back to the 3500 BC when archaeological records talk of the first make- up use in Egypt. The reasons why people use cosmetics and make up are, to even out the complexion, to express oneself, to enhance one’s looks, to appeal to others and as a form of art.

Therefore, cosmetics come in different types which are: Powders- they are the most common and are used to make us pretty and prevent against various skin diseases. Gels- thick liquid substances used in most of today’s products such as shampoos, shaving products and toothpastes. Suspensions- these are types of cosmetics used to surmount or eliminate incompatible ingredients in other cosmetic products such as sunscreens. Sticks- these are cosmetic products such as lipsticks or roll-ons. Ointments/ Pastes- they are especially thick and used to protect hair and skin. Lotions- these are less greasy, easily applied to the skin example being skin moisturizers. Capsules/ tablets/ cakes- these are cosmetic products pressed and molded into such forms. Primers/foundations and concealers- cosmetic products used to cover up blemishes on the skin and prepare the skin to absorb other cosmetic products.

Cosmetics are also differentiated by the areas of application on the body such as: Lips- lipgloss, lipbalm or lip boosters. Eyes- mascara, eye shadows or eye curlers. Eyebrows- waxes, gels or powders. Nails- nail polish or nail gloss. Face- foundations, concealers or setting sprays.

Cosmetics are manufactured all over the world by a number of companies though the most recognized companies are: The L’Oreal Group, The Procter & Gamble Company, Unilever and Shiseido Company. The Lime Crime Company in particular is among the well known cosmetics company in the world. It is the Indie color cosmetics company launched in 2008 that specializes in wild, modern lip colors. Lime Crime is a Los Angeles based firm founded by Doe Deere who is also its CEO. It has various retailers and official partners who are based in the United States, Mexico and Brasil.

Cosmetics have also contributed to development of various careers as: An account executive who explains new products and purchase arrangements for clients. A beauty advisor who provides product advice based on the client’s skin and make up requirements. A cosmetician is a professional who gives facial and body treatments to customers. A freelance makeup artist is one who assists clients with cosmetics assistance.

Makeup Choices Reflect A Woman’s Unique Personality

Choosing the right color of makeup is not as simple as going to the local department store and picking out just any shade. For Doe Deere, there are many factors to consider when choosing lipstick, eye shadow and eye liner besides the price and which store to go to. Women take the time to pick out the right clothes so it only makes sense to take the same time and effort to select the perfect kind of makeup.

The color of makeup should change according to the time of day and reason for wearing cosmetics. There are different choices to make for work, daytime activities, home, nighttime and social events. Shades for work, home or casual are often lighter and passive. Women participating in social events and nightlife entertainment prefer to sport darker, bold colors to accent their appearance and clothing.

Not everyone can wear the same shade of lipstick, eye shadow or liner. Even identical twins can have separate, different preferences when it comes to their makeup. There are many factors to consider when choosing colors such as complexion, eye color, hair color and style, nationality and wardrobe colors most often worn.

Makeup colors are meant to be changed instead of wearing the same old colors day after day. Trends also change and update from year to year so it is important to maintain current styles instead of sporting what was “in” a year or two ago. It is fun and exciting to experiment with color and be daring, not boring. Since there are hundreds of brands available on the market to choose from, it can become quite confusing what to choose.

However, there are companies who offer bright and beautiful colors to enhance a woman’s appearance. Russian immigrant Doe Deere created Lime Crime Makeup in 2009. This brand features intensely colorful pastel eye shadows and lipsticks. Doe understands that women desire to express their unique personalities in bold, daring colors. She offers various shades of purple, pink, red, yellow, green and orange to accent the beauty of females of any age. She offers the makeup that she searched high and low for until deciding to market her own unique line of cosmetics.

Women take the time to pick out their clothing like shirts, pants, dresses and tank tops. It is also necessary to choose appropriate accessories in terms of shoes, purses and jewelry. The same time and effort should be taken to select the right makeup. Doing so beautifully accents a woman’s fashion choices, hairstyle and personality for any occasion.

Be Bold and Beautiful with Lime Crime

Makeup on should be more than just a cover-up. It should encourage creativity, enhance beauty and express individuality. It should speak to you and of you, beautifully. Lime Crime is a bold make-up brand that lives up to these daring promises.

What’s Back, Jack?
Grunge is back and Lime Crime is the first on the scene to provide the impeccable grunge look. Try Venus: The Grunge Palette. Venus arrives with 8 new, game-changing neutrals and playful rusty-reds. Heavily pigmented eye-shadows mingle perfectly for the new grunge look everyone is fawning over, with a soft, flawless finish. Venus is offered in a full-sized, artfully mirrored box, making this palette quite the delectable collectible.

It’s My Party and I’ll Cry If I Want To
There is definitely no crying over Lime Crime’s newest lipstick creation, until of course it is no longer available. Cry Baby Lipstick was inspired by cartoon tears colors. Turn heads with this incredibly unique and fun color. This deep and vibrant shade of blue is fantastically flattering across a variety of skin tones. In addition to the blue fabulousness, Cry Baby is the perfect mixing shade! Cry Baby can be mixed with practically any shade to reach an ultimately amazing result.

Mixing Cry Baby with D’Lilac creates an awesome periwinkle-ish pout. Or, try a more intense, saturated version with just a hint of D’Lilac in the center of the lip for a beautiful ombre effect.

Here is how to achieve the lilac ombre look:

1. Cry Baby should be applied to the outer part of the lips. Don’t apply to the center.

2. Apply D’Lilac over where you put on Cry Baby. Put a little less on the outer edges to keep the outer part of the lip bluer and darker for the amazing ombre look.

3. Start blending with a lip brush. Continue to blend and add as necessary until a good periwinkle gradient is achieved. If too much lipstick starts to build up on your lips, simply blot with a tissue and continue to blend.

4. Put a smidgeon of D’Lilac in the center of the lips. Blend some more.

5. There you have it! The perfect periwinkle ombre effect will most definitely get you noticed.

Go Vogue
With a little inspiration and a lot of creativity, creating your own lip colors is definitely doable and the creations are endless. Offering a huge variety of colors, Lime Crime is your one-stop shop for lip colors to mix and match for your own unique lip palette. Grab a couple or more Velvetines and start mixing.