Venezuela Sells Off Gold Supplies

Venezuela has shocked the world’s economist Manuel Gonzalez once again by doing the previously unthinkable. The country is selling off all its gold reserves. Venezuela, simply put, has no money. According to, the country is collapsing economically. With no oil to sell due to market gluts and decreased prices, the government has chosen to sell off its gold reserves. Gold always has a buyer, but selling the precious metal is a dangerous plan. Once the gold is sold, it is gone.
$1.7 billion in gold reserves were sold to pay off debts incurred by the government. The massive debts have caused imports to be drastically limited to the country. Food and medicine are among those imports that have stopped.

Venezuela’s sale of its gold reserves come at a time when gold is being purchased by other countries to back their weak economies. China has been suffering immensely from a weak currency and other problems. China procured large amounts of gold to keep in reserve as a result. Venezuela has kept billions in gold reserves to support its economy, but has reached such a critical point the time has come to sell the precious metal off.

Venezuela is only putting off the inevitable with the sale of gold. Nothing right now indicates that the country is going to experience a turnaround in any way. There are simply too many things wrong with the way the government operates and the economic crisis is too deep.


Dick DeVos Shapes Up His Business

Dick DeVos is one of the most interesting persons I’ve come across. His attitude towards life and society, in general, tells the tale of a selfless man. For starters, he considers himself lucky to have been brought up in a wealthy and righteous family. He pays tribute to his folks for a decent and worth driven childhood. Dick is a family man; spouse, Betsy, and had brought up four youngsters


Dick DeVos is a busy man in each sense. The way that he has such an enormous amount of time for effective philanthropy is surprising. He likewise has an important online networking nearness as he quickly connects with his followers, accomplices, and faultfinders on both Twitter and Facebook. Mr. DeVos is the ideal case of how we should utilize our assets for more benefits of society.


Acquiring a leaf from his late father, Dick began working at Amway Corporation around 1974. He was tutored by his dad Richard Senior and rearranged around different offices, for example, research and showcasing. Before long, he would be a standout amongst the most experienced heads in the firm, an element that added to him turning into a VP.


Dick DeVos always knew how to exploit a venture opportunity. He noticed a gap in storage organization and manufacture. He settled the Windquest gathering to meet the requests. Dick released every one of his obligations in both firms at the same time. At a certain point, Dick filled in the empty CEO’s seat at the Orlando Magic NBA group upon its obtaining by his dad.


At the turn of the new century, Dick DeVos returned to Amway as its President and administered the Dick released every one of his obligations in both firms at the same time. The Amway Corporation turned into a constituent organization of the Alticor bunch and opened up business sectors in around 50 nations around the world. The improvement permitted the establishment to double its profits.


Dick DeVos as of late made another arrangement at the firm after the retirement of long-serving CEO Frank Newman. Phil Dolci is set to take office and lead the firm into another period. Amid the arrangement, Dick communicated trust in the approaching manager referring to his incredible resume and industry experience.


Phil has a financial aspects degree from the University of Chicago and an MBA from the Northwestern University.


For more insights about Dick DeVos and his organizations visit New Netherland Institute article.


Doe Deere Pushes her Marketing Genius to Work


Doe Deere has been grinding hard. People know the brand, and they know what she is up to. This is a powerful person that has managed to muscle her way into the world of cosmetics. Lime Crime is the brand that she has put her name behind, and many people are elated to see how she has used her marketing genius to catapult this brand to this new heights.

The buzz about the brand is linked to the Instagram account for Lime Crime that exceeds 2 million followers. Many of these are loyal followers that just love this makeup. They cannot get enough of it, and Doe Deere knows this. That may be a the best thing about having a small company. Doe Deere started small and she didn’t have much money so she had to be innovative. She had to do some of the things that other corporate executives failed to do. She had to think outside of the box.

It is the imagination and unique approach to marketing the brand that took the Lime Crime products out to 2 million people on Instagram. This is what Doe Deere did to make the product stand out. She used social media when everyone else was still crowding the television.

Cover Girl may be able to use Katy Perry to appeal to television crowds because this is a more mainstream brand of makeup. It is not for a niche market. Doe Deere, however, is a masterful person that has managed to engage in interacting with the fans online. She has a purpose. There is a mission to what she is doing through social media. It may seem like Doe Deere is out there running wild and that everything is all fun and games, but she has a plan. Even her controversy serves as a plan. There is a vibe in the air, and people are trying to find out more about the Lime Crime products and Doe Deere.

What Doe Deere does is amazing when it comes to marketing. Her products are composed of a lot of different lip gloss, eye shadow, eye liner and lipstick products. These are products that don’t fit in with the typical products that are out there. This alone is what drives many people to the social media hemisphere to what the buzz is about. Doe Deere prides herself in being difference, and this attracts followers.

Follow Doe Deere on Twitter @doedeere and Instagram.

Laidlaw and Company- Impacting the Investment World

Well known in the investment world, Laidlaw & Company provide investment banking services to many individuals and groups across the United States and the United Kingdom. The company according to PR Newswire offers a variety of services including capital raising, acquisition financing and debt placement. The company has a nearly 200 year legacy focused on the needs of international companies, corporate entrepreneurs, and private clients worldwide. With over 150 employees they are able to service individual clients on a global basis.
Laidlaw have developed a culture that prides itself on a strong work ethic and an unorthodox ‘outside the lines’ thinking approach. As a result they are able to assist a variety of clients including assisting developing companies raise capital. Their strong sales force combined with their unique approach allows Laidlaw & Company to help give companies the flexibility to grow. Inside this variety of services the company provides, are a number of wealth related services. These wealth management services posted on the website include financial planning, portfolio management, and investment advisory services.

Headquartered in New York, New York, Laidlaw & Company is a company that continues to have tremendous impact across the globe. With such a great lecacy in the investment world, Laidlaw figure to be around for many more years to come.


Moving Forward With A Better Reputation

In business, reputation is everything. Now enter the Internet. The marriage of the two can make for some interesting happenings. In business, there is always ups and downs. It’s just the way it goes, and no company is immune. The Web amps this up in a big way.

So, what does that mean? It means that rising up can be done rather quickly, but falling can happen just as fast. The speed of it all can be mind-boggling. That’s the power of the Internet. It never stops, day or night, and as humans, we all have to sleep sometime.

How can anyone, let alone any business, keep up with that sort of momentum? There is now an answer to that very problem. Hiring a reputation management firm will solve many, if not all of those problems. These firms specialize in things like improving the quality of website content, management of social media, and even monitoring third-party websites for malicious content. That’s a bit of relief right there since anyone could make a Yelp account or even a blog. If they have a personal gripe, they could take it out on the business, which isn’t fair at all.

In addition to all that, reputation management firms can help manage the reputation of a client that is already in crisis. Why should anyone suffer for a mistake? How about a misunderstanding? With reputation management, it will be much easier to get past those type of speed bumps.

If this sounds interesting, then you are on the right track. But what firm should you go with? The folks at Better Reputation might have something to say about that. They are coming out hot and are ready and eager to put in work for their clients. Better Reputation is now offering a free Reputation Assessment at their website. It wouldn’t hurt to take a look-see.

Check out their website via the link below:

How Does Laidlaw & Company Help Investors?

Laidlaw & Company is an investment bank that takes people in when they have a variety of needs. There are people who need help spending a small amount of money on one investment, or the bank can help people who are thinking of things that are going to make them more money. They have a lot of wealth to move around, and they are looking for a way to make that money go as far as it can. This is very important based on Wall Street Journal because people need to have a broker handle their accounts every day, and they need a professional to manage everything for them.
The brokers at Laidlaw & Company are going to help people pick the right kinds of investments, and it is going to be much easier for people to get investments done when they just ask Laidlaw how to invest. There are options that include investing on the stock market, and there are other options that are going to help people invest their wealth in a lot of different places. Someone who isn investing their money in multiple places needs to get help from Laidlaw & Company to help move their money around, and that could include people who are investing in outside businesses. Laidlaw & Company will put the deal together, and they will handle all the cash.

Someone who is ready to invest their money will be able to go to Laidlaw to get help, and they will make sure that they are making money every month. The professionals at Laidlaw & Company will make it easy to calculate dividends, and they will change investments if that is something that is needed. Everyone who wants to make more money on investing can use Laidlaw & Company to get the results they want every year.

Tightening of Rules for Compliance Officers Spells Worry According to Helane Morrison

81 percent of compliance officers say that they are feeling increased apprehension after the government has released many new laws, according to an article published via Supply and Demand Chain Executive quoting the recently published 2016 Compliance and Risk Report: CCOs under Scrutiny report published by DLA Piper’s Global Governance and Compliance. When questioned, 31 percent of the compliance officers said they had concerns about their own personal liability. This concern was highest in those individuals working for private companies. Furthermore, this concern was highest in cyber security with Frank Dodd laws being tightened, in data privacy under Dodd and also under the Affordable Care Act and compliance under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.
Also, many compliance officers reported being concerned about the latest initiatives implemented by the Stock and Securities Commission. More respondents, 77 percent, were concerned about President Obama’s appointment of Hui Chem as a full-time compliance executive with the Department of Justice. Compliance officers fear that their will not be as many qualified applicants entering compliance work because of the extra scrutiny they feel that Hui will bring to the industry. Furthermore, they say that experienced compliance officers looking for a new position will need to weigh their personal accountability for organizational misdeeds very carefully before accepting a position in companies who may have experienced problems in the past.
One compliance officer who has voiced her concerns is Helane Morrison who is the Managing Director, General Counsel, and Chief Compliance Officer of Hall Capital Partners LLC. As the former head of the San Francisco Office of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission it is easy for her to see both sides of the issues. As a speaker on compliance and a member of the Hedge Fund Subcommittee of the American Bar Association, she encourages all compliance officers to stay abreast of changing laws to help protect themselves from any wrongdoing.


Presentation of Alleged Cases of Corruption by Former Minister.
Mr. Hector Navarro, former minister of electrical energy and education denounced the alleged embezzlement of not less than US$300 billion. The alleged scum involves high ranking government officials and permanent public spending commission. He referred to this misappropriation of funds as absence and vulgar. The former minister turned on the CD with a list of the individual’s tangled in the embezzlement. The majority of this cases according to a study made by Norka Luque were connected to import fraud, where state dollars allocated to importers were lost without record and trace. The former minister Mr. Navarro declared that his request for investigations came after the president denounced theft in his government.
Strike Down Controversial Amnesty; Says President Maduro
The President of Venezuela Nicholas Maduro called on the Supreme Court to strike down a controversial amnesty law passed by the members of parliament. The president said that the law was found with disgust by the public and warned that it would mess the country peace. He came out clearly that if the law was passed, the country would go in a civil war and his government would not allow it. The National Assembly that passed the amnesty law is controlled by the President’s political rivals. President Maduro has blamed the AN of bountiful blanket amnesty to criminals accused with serious crimes comprising inciting violence. While the MUD has claimed the legislation will free dozens of what they refer to as political prisoners.

Wen By Chaz Actually Stops Shedding

Shedding hair is a major problem for a lot of women, but there is a solution in Wen. A writer from Bustle tried the shampoo on her own, and she made a whole article about it explaining what it was like to use. She showed that people will be able to use this shampoo to stop shedding, and it makes things a lot better for women who are afraid to find their hair on the bottom of the shower.

The other thing that women need is something that does not take too much product. WEN is great beause women love the fact that they will be able to use just one shampoo that is going to make their hair look beautiful. The shampoo does all the work, and it takes no product at all to get a good wash. So, a woman who is trying to stop shedding hair will be able to use a little shampoo to make her hair look lovely.

She also gets to shampoo her hair fast without worrying about all her hair falling out. The hair falling out in the shower is a problem that Wen was made to fix, and it has such a big marketing campaign that anyone who tries it has already heard of it. That means that people will be able to get the help that they need, and it will give them a chance to make sure that they are going to look confident when they get out of the shower.

The same thing is true of people according to the Guthy-Renker website who want to have more shine. WEN cleansing conditioner is sold on Amazon as it gives people more shine, and it is easy to use. Take out just a little to get the hair washed, and there will be no more shedding in the shower.

George Soros on the Looming Global Economic Crisis

George Soros a renowned author, philanthropist and owner of a vast business empire on, has predicted the global economic crisis. Soros addressed his worries in Sri Lanka’s capital.

These predictions come from China, which is the second largest economy in the world faces a major recession in its economy. The Yuan, which is the official Chinese currency, has lost considerably in the global markets with this loss affecting the economy of developing countries. 

The opening week of January has been bad for business, with the global currency, stock and commodity markets taking a nose dive. The devaluation of the Yuan has caused further concerns amongst players in the global market raising eyebrows to potential investors with regards to China’s economic strength and the overall effect of the drop in other economies of the world. 

China has taken considerable efforts in a bid to save the country’s economy from self-destruction. China has opted to make a change from investment and manufacturing replacing it with consumption and services as their preferred growth model.

George Soros is of the opinion that the looming global economic situation is similar to that in 2008. The year 2008 will be remembered in his history as one of the worst economic years in the United States History. The country’s economy was hit by a major economic crunch that saw Banks close and many citizens lose their homes to foreclosure.

China is headed for hard times with global equities on recording a loss of almost $2.5trillion, with Asia recording a plunge in Chinese equities which halted trade before the closing of business on Thursday. This was as a result of panic amongst global economy players who are yet to figure out an effective way that guarantees profits in these hard economic times. 

George Soros feels that the current situation is very similar to the one that led up to the economic crunch in 2008. Based on History, George feels that the global economies will be hit harder by the economic crisis as compared to the economic crunch in 2008.

George Soros does not shy away from airing his opinion while addressing an open panel in Washington George Soros sighted the Greece-born European debt as a major threat to global economic sustainability. 

Soros is an authority in Global economies with his hedge fund recording a profit margin of about 20% from 1969 up to 2011. The career of Soros began in 1950’s. In 1992, George Soros made $1 billion from a bet that the U.K would be forced to devalue the pound. It is, therefore, safe to conclude that the predictions by Soros are not misplaced.

The measures of Volatility Index have continued to struggle; the Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatility Index is up by 13 %.

In an attempt to save the struggling Chinese economy, the communist party has pledged to increase the Yuan’s Convertibility by 2020. Previous attempts have failed to save the economy by reducing loan rates offered by the Peoples Bank of China. It remains to be seen if the looming global economic crisis will take effect.