Invest in Your Man, Invest in the Future.

Right now, is a marvelous time to be a woman because right now is an incredible time to be a man, at least when it comes to fashion. Gone are the grungy days of watching your boyfriend crawl out of the bed with only ten minutes for a shower and out the door, thereby precipitating the action of throwing on whatever is found piled on the floor that hasn’t been worn for three days in a row and may or may not smell like stale Axe body spray. No ma’am, these days men are starting to realize it’s fun to play dress up, to be a gentleman, and to take pride in their appearance. They are starting to realize how good it feels to wear nice things and to actually look the part of that “mad man” they aspire to be. A revival in traditional men’s grooming habits, like going to the barber on a weekly basis for a hot shave and a well maintained coiffure is also bringing about a welcomed revival in men’s fashion and the processes used to create that fashion. After all, who wants to have a caviar and Champaign head when it’s been set on a body of ramen noodles?

There’s something to be said for being timeless and being the embodiment of a true gentleman. But, just because your man is legit, doesn’t mean he can’t also have casual days. The right pair of italian shoes can make or break your wardrobe. This is why doing your research and choosing versatile and classic pieces that will stay with your man for the long haul is important. I’d rather buy my husband one incredible pair of Paul Evans “Martin Wholecuts” so that every time he puts them on he remembers who gave him that feeling of looking like a million bucks, than have to replace a worn out pair of kicks every couple of months. This simple, elegant, Italian calfskin shoe is his favorite pair. He tells me he feels like James Bond every time he puts them on. For the days when my husband isn’t pretending to be 007, I purchased the Paul Evans High-Top Sneaker, which is totally on trend this year.

Why Paul Evans for both pairs? The short answer, quality. Yes, buying a pair of grown-up shoes is an investment in yourself or your significant other, but it’s also an investment in the global community. I know that I am paying for the finest materials available, I’m assuring the continued production of well-crafted products, and the livelihood of centuries old family businesses. I love this company: charge a fair price, produce an incredible product, and cut out the greedy middleman.

The Journey of Yeonmi Park

Yeonmi Park is a famous, young North Korean defector currently involved in fulltime human rights activism. Park became famous in 2014 after delivering a speech at a summit called One Young World. The summit brings together young people from different parts of the world once in a year to discus emerging issues and to come up with solutions to those issues. Park’s drive to be fully involved in human rights activism and defector of North Korean government is highly influenced by her experienced since childhood.

Park was born in 1993 in a family that was well connected politically. Her father worked as a civil servant and her mother as a nurse for North Korean Army, and they were able to provide her with quality education. At some point, Park’s father started engaging in illegal smuggling business. He was arrested by North Korean government and imprisoned. In 1997, when her father was still in prison, Park came across a pirated DVD with content that revealed how oppressive the government of North Korea was. The DVD influenced her to change her views towards the government. She explained that the content of the DVD made her to have “a taste of freedom” and led her to learn the meaning of love.

When Park’s father was released from prison, he asked his family to find a way of escaping from North Korea. Park, her sister and her mother escaped to China with the help of human traffickers. Her sister took a different way in China. Park and her mother landed in a province called Jilin in China. Her father, who was left in North Korea, passed away in 2008. Afterwards, Park and her mother moved afterwards to Qingdao in China where they were hosted by South Korean and Chinese missionaries. Later, the two travelled to Mongolia through Gobi Desert but were held by Mongolian authorities at Ulan Bator detention center. Later, Mongolian authorities sent them to Chinggis Khaan Airport based in Ulan Bator to fly to Seoul, South Korea. In South Korea, Park and her mother got waitresses ad shop assistant jobs, which supported Park to join Dongguk University based in Seoul to continue with education. They re-united with Eunmi in 2014.

Park has been interested in writing about her journey and the conditions in North Korea since escaping from that country. With the support of volunteers, such as Freedom Factory Corporation, Park has been focusing on describing the hardships that North Koreans and refugees escaping from that country face. In a book titled In Order to Live, she describes the difficulties she endured during her journey from North Korea. She confronts the difficulties she faced with resilience but believes that she should contribute to ending circumstances that lead North Koreans and other people in the world to face similar experiences. To meet her goal, she recently joined other human rights activists and Liberty in North Korea, an organization that is involved in rescuing North Koreans suffering from deprivation by North Korean government. She frequently appears in interviews in Televisions and newspapers explaining her experiences and views related to human rights activism.

FreedomPop To Move to the UK

FreedomPop has been siphoning off customers from the larger wireless service providers in the United States for the better part of three years. The company has won these individuals over with selling points of less expensive mobile services than what their current service providers offer. In fact, for many individuals moving over to FreedomPop, they don’t need to spend a single dime as the company offers 300 texts, 300 anytime minutes and 500 MB worth of data for free, without a contract. Anything that goes over it and there are small additional packages. A customers can boost up to unlimited minutes, 1000 text messages and 2 GB of data for less than $20 a month. This makes it the most affordable plan in the country and why the larger service providers are afraid of what FreedomPop is able to offer. Due to this service, the company has now turned its attention onto Europe as it wants to offer the free services to customers around the world.

FreedomPop has been working on establishing a connection in the UK for some time now, and now it’s Alpha testing program is going live. The program provides individuals interested in the service with a free month to test it out. From there, a service plan consists of 200 anytime minutes, 200 texts and 200 MB of data. They can then upgrade this without paying much per month. Should the Alpha test prove successful, the company is going to eventually move on into other regions of Europe, including France, Germany, Spain and several others. All of this is designed to improve the overall service it is able to offer customers and to increase the number of clients the company has.

While working on the UK, FreedomPop also has a connection within the Pacific Rim and Southeastern Asia. So, it is not just going quietly on one front but it is attacking the major network providers around the world in order to both grow services within each individual country but to eventually offer customers with the ability to move freely around the world without having to pay an expensive travel cost. Within the next year, FreedomPop wants to have an international SIM that doesn’t cost anything more to use in other countries. So, for anyone who is interested in international travel, FreedomPop’s upcoming international SIM might just be what they are looking for to stay connected.

Business Success Recipes as explained by Susan McGalla

Women empowerment has become a center stage recently as many countries, companies and communities continue to invest in women’s entrepreneurship. Large organizations such as the World Bank continue to recognize the crucial role that women play in the economic growth across the world. Based on their experience, businesswomen see the world the world from a different angle and, therefore, do things in a different way. This is commonly reflected in the kinds of businesses they run.
For instance in the United States, half of the professional workers comprise of women. One of the businesswomen who have succeeded in the male-dominated workplace is Mrs. Susan McGalla on PHX. She is a renowned entrepreneur and a successful career woman based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Susan is the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, an expert consultant firm that provides clients with a plethora of services such as marketing, branding, marketing, online reputation management, operational efficiency, talent management and many more.
Susan advises women on how they can succeed in the business world and leadership. She is not afraid of sharing the important tactics and strategies she used to achieve her career and business goals. In order for women to succeed in a male-dominated world, they must seek university education. According her, women are drivers of the economy. She says that the number of women with university education must increase in order for a country’s economy to grow. She advises women to stand bravely when they are intimidated by the cost of acquiring university education.
The achievement of higher education not only enable women succeed in business but also increases their career opportunities. When less educated women enter a male-dominated workplace, the surrounding environment makes the less confident in pursuing and realizing career goals. Susan advises less educated women who want to venture into business or leadership roles not to give hope. Susan advises them to find support and mentorship by building a network of influencers. She says that a climbing desire to succeed is what makes most women succeed in business and higher management positions.
Susan McGalla attributes her success to her personal character. She says that in order for women to succeed in business, they must learn how to ignore challenges at their workplace. While social arrangements of gender-based roles continue to rule the workplace, Susan encourages women, professional workers or businesswomen, to persevere. He encourages them to work hard in order to break down gender barriers that are affecting their results.

Yeonmi Park’s Remarkable Story of Survival

Yeonmi Park began her life in North Korea. She vividly recalls her teachers in elementary school that would use the example of killing Americans to help solve math problems. Equations like “if you killed 7/10 Americans, how many Americans are left” are commonplace in North Korean classrooms. She was raised in a brutal regime where having a unique opinion is tantamount to murder. The human rights in North Korea are so brutal and bad that something as simple as taking a stand for how you want to dress and whether you prefer wear jeans or a skirt is something that is met with extreme consequence, often resulting in punishments such as beating and imprisonment.

As North Korean citizens do not have access to the Internet and are not allowed to indulge in any media that is not based in North Korea and endorsed by its dictator Kim Jong Un. Although North Korean citizens are forced to educate themselves to the highest degree, it is impossible for them to evolve from their current social cast. Over 85% of the North Korean citizens suffer from extreme poverty.

This is why Yeonmi Park decided to defect from North Korea. She was given the opportunity to leave the oppressive regime by running to China. As she eventually entered China, she was eventually kidnapped and sold into slavery.

At 15, Yeonmi was forced to become a man’s mistress because of his promise to allow her to see her parents again. By watching movies like The Notebook and Titanic, she discovered that being someone’s mistress wasn’t the life she wanted to live either. She eventually discovered how Western people live and the rules that they follow. From the home she watched, she discovered the concepts of love and freedom. She eventually escaped her captor with her mother and now Yeonmi Park, 21, helps refugees from North Korea find work and stability, increasing the quality of their life geometrically.

A lot of times, countries other than North Korea with less restrictive regimes have been nothing short of more violent and brutal than North Korea itself. For example, most North Korean women come from North Korea to China and work as cocktail waitresses. The women are barely able to make ends meet, while guys who escape North Korea and move to China have absolutely no chance for a future at all, often selling fruit on the side of the street.

North Koreans are pretty much seen as social outcasts in the Chinese society, which is extremely unfortunate given the fact that they did not ask to be born in North Korea, they just inherited it.

Yeonmi Park efforts to make the world a better place through reaching out to North Korean people who have escaped the regime is her life’s work. She is helped out hundreds of girls from North Korea adjust to the culture shock that usually comes along with leaving their native country for one with much different customs and rules than the ones they are accustomed to.

In just the eight short years that have passed since has since she initially escaped North Korea, she has gone from a girl who essentially makes no money who was forced in the slavery, to someone who helps hundreds of people who escape from North Korea’s oppressive regime acclimate themselves to the modern world.

Joseph Bismark Is Worthy Of Respect

Joseph Bismark has long felt that exercising both his body and mind is needed in order to keep him healthy. He believes that yoga is important, as is making sure that one does various other exercises for both the body and mind. The article that was released through Reuters says that Joseph Bismark is a vegetarian. He does many things to take care of his health, and he encourages others to do the same.
Joseph Bismark spent a good number of his young years with monks in the Philippines, and the things that he watched them do and learned from them have shaped him into the man that he is. He is quiet, respectful, and healthy. He practices meditation, and he always makes sure that he is treating those that he deals with kindly. He has a peace about him that most other people do not have. He believes that eating healthfully and exercising often are key to living a good life. He is different than most other men in the business world, but he is a good kind of different. And he is someone that people should be considering and looking up to.
Joseph Bismark not only lives a different kind of life in his personal life, but he also lives that way in his business life, as well. He formed his business around the belief that he could make spirituality a big part of it, and he was able to succeed in doing that. People see all that he has done and they cannot believe the results that he has had. Joseph Bismark acts kindly toward all of the people that are working for him, and he doesn’t give up on them, and that has to help him to have great employees. He seems to know more about what he is doing than most other businessmen do, and it is inspiring for people to be able to watch him and see all of the things that he is doing. He is a man who is worthy of respect, and people should keep him in mind when they are wondering how to conduct themselves in business.

Choosing The Right Cleaning Services

Cleaning services can be a worthwhile investment for you if you are looking for a company to help you clean your home or establishment. Cleaning services have always been a worthwhile investment because they can go through all areas of your home with no problem and help you out on getting it cleaned without the struggle involved of you having to do the work. Choosing the right cleaning services is always so important. The key is to always find a company with integrity and a long list of services to offer.

Choosing The Right Cleaning Services

– Find A Reputable Company

Always look for a company or a small business that knows what they are doing. They should have the experience and the knowledge to help clean your home without any problems. Reputable brands should also have a good team to rely on. Look at their credentials and certifications to make sure they are legitimate. I always recommend looking for professionals before hiring.

– Cleaning Fit To Your Needs

Not every cleaning company is going to help you with your cleaning problems specifically. Always look for a brand that has good cleaning services that will fit in to what you are looking for mainly. If they don’t fit your needs specifically, then look for another company. You need a brand that has all the right cleaning services to give your home the cleaning it needs.


There are countless people who have tiny small businesses, and most of them are willing to help provide you with only the best services. Of course, finding them isn’t always easy. Sometimes, it can be a bit expensive when you don’t know what to do. Handy is an app that provides you with all the cleaning professionals you want all at your disposal. The company wants to be known for being the Uber to clean your home.

Handy is so unique because of how they hire only a small amount of people to join their team. Before any cleaning service joins their site and is capable of offering services, they want to make sure they have all the right experience to join their team.

If you’re on the look out for finding a cleaner to clean up your home, make sure that you find a good company who knows what they are doing. I personally would like to hire somebody from Handy since the company is very straightforward with how they set you up with a cleaning service.

A good tip I really recommend is to be patient and to not hire the first cleaning company you stumble upon. The same goes for Handy. Try to find somebody who fits your needs the best. It’s highly recommended to try use Handy and utilize their program since they have tons of unique people who know all about cleaning.

How to Properly Create And Edit A Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia has become a major online primary source of information, although some in the education field believe that students rely too heavily on the site for research. Wikipedia’s current pages can be edited by anyone who feels that there is factually incorrect information on these pages. Then there are those who enjoy creating Wikipedia entries but are not sure how to get started. Keep in mind that professional Wikipedia service on getyourwiki has certain style and formatting guidelines that you need to follow and in third article we’ll show you how to properly edit or create a Wikipedia page.

Review Wikipedia’s Featured Articles

One of the best ways to learn how to create or edit a Wikipedia page is to look at the site’s Featured Articles section. It contains some of the best-written articles and it gives you an idea of what is expected of you as a Wikipedia writer. You may not copy the exact layout as in the featured articles but you should see them as a standard template to base your work on.

On Citing Your Sources

Wikipedia places a high standard on their writers regarding the factual accuracy of articles and you will need to cite your sources properly in order to avoid deletion or revision of your article. If you include any facts that could be disputed by other readers, you must put inline citations which is full information about where the facts originated from. You can also use in-text attribution and this is when you reference your source in the article. For example, if you’re including research from Henry Louis Gates, you can write “Gates mentioned in his 2015 book…” Another form of citation is the general reference and it usually goes at the end of the article. General references include facts that support the article but not used as in-line citations.

Get Style Wiki

If you’re a beginner writer for Wikipedia, sometimes you’ll need assistance in creating or editing your articles. It’s for this reason that Get Style Wiki exists. This company is headed by established Wikipedia writers and editors and they will create or edit pages on your behalf. The sources they will use for the articles are reliable and your articles will adhere to Wikipedia’s style guidelines. Get Style Wiki will also monitor your articles to make sure that edits made by others to them are factually correct. In conclusion, a well-researched and well-written Wikipedia article will benefit those visiting the site for a long time. Writing for Wikipedia also challenges you as a writer because it causes you to maintain high standards for your work.

Colors On The Nails

When it comes to cosmetics, the only thing that I really enjoy using is nail polish. I have a small box with numerous colors, many that are bright and different than the typical reds and pinks. I like using the brighter colors because they are easier to see on my fingers. They appear as a flash of color while I am typing or while I am randomly moving my hands. This is something I enjoy seeing, and I have found that Doe Deere’s Lime Crime has a large selection of polishes.

My favorite color of nail polish is purple, and while the company doesn’t have this color, there is a beautiful blue and a green that I enjoy using. My nails are important to me because I type for a living. A product that I use on my nails is hardener. This is applied after my nails are painted. It locks in the color on my nails better, and it gives a shine to my nails that makes them look like they are professionally done. The nail polish from Lime Crime seems to absorb better on my nails, and it lasts longer than some of the other polishes that I have used.

After I paint my nails, I usually add some kind of stencil. I will often create a design that matches the time of year, such as rainbows for spring or Christmas trees for winter. I will also try to decorate my nails with various colors to make them look like a rainbow as I paint each nail something different. Lime Crime makes this a little easier with the bright colors that are sold online. The colors blend well together as they have a pastel appearance. I can easily adjust the brightness of the colors by adding more or less polish. The type of polish also makes it easy to use multiple colors on one nail. I have often used two or three colors on each nail to create a disco effect or one that makes my nails look like they have been spray painted. The nail polish doesn’t run together as some of the other polishes I have purchased.

How to Do Your Eye Makeup Like a Pro

If you’ve ever had your eye makeup done by a pro at the department store or anywhere else, you know how great these experts can make you look. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to do the things they do at home by yourself? Well, you can do this!

With a little know-how, you can actually get the professional look on your own. So without further ado, here’s how to do your eye makeup like a professional.

1. Start by purchasing the right products

You need to start by purchasing excellent makeup products. This will make your look in the end. One of the best makeup product lines out there right now is Lime Crime. This company has its base in Los Angeles, California, and they make excellent products for all types of gals. You can find awesome, cruelty-free eye makeup products with them at great prices.

2. Put on an eye base

What’s an eye base? This is a step that many women forget about, but it is integral to a great-looking set of peepers. Eye bases are like primers for your lids. They help in making the eyeliner and eye shadow that you put on stay on all day.

3. Start with a base shadow color

Next, start with whatever shadow color you want as your base. For most women, this is a lighter color that almost matches your skin tone. With that being said, there’s nothing wrong with using a little sheen or glitter for a base as well!

4. Curl those lashes

Once you have your base shadow on, go ahead and curl those lashes. You need to do this first so you don’t mess up your liner trying to do it later.

5. Carefully put on your eye liner

It’s time for eye liner. You put on the base shadow first so that it would be easier to blend the liner into your lid. Don’t blend up the eyelid too much, but smudge it just a little. You can choose an eyeliner that is pretty basic, like black or dark brown or blue, or you can get crazy with something like red, purple or yellow. The choice is yours!

6. Add some flare and fun to your peepers

Now is time for the fun. If you want to do any winged out liner on the sides or curly-q’s, do that now before the mascara

7. Lengthen your lashes with mascara

The last step should always be mascara because you might mess it up accidentally if you put it on too early. Make sure to start at the base with your mascara brush and wiggle your way to the tips of your lashes for the best results.