All The Dog Food Choices That Consumers Have To Consider

When it comes down to dog food types customers have to consider a lot of different choices. Growing up I was aware of a few brands, but the world today provides much more than a few choices for consumers. There are an unbelievable amount of choices out there. It really all just depends on the type of dog that you have. Some people prefer Beneful because this brand has a lot of options for dogs to consider. This is one of the more affordable dog foods that provides a lot of nutrition. There are also dog owners that prefer this brand because it has a plethora of baked treats that give dogs more options for snacks in between meals. Diamond Dog Food is another brand that is popular. It has a consumer base of people that like to buy their dogs canned food. It has a dry food product line, but the canned food from Purina Dog Food tends to be more popular. IAMS has always been marketed in the premium brand of pet foods. Some pet owners will fall into the allure of this marketing from IAMS and become convinced that their dogs need this expensive dog food. Many pet owners, however, will reason that their dogs should be eating better than they are eating. In other words, pet owners may not see the logic in spending more for dog food than they do for human food. There certainly are a lot of brands out there. I have purchased foods like Science Diet Adult Dog Food and Merrick, but I haven’t tried all the options that are out there right now. I have recently tried the Beneful brand and my dogs appear to be fans of this brand. My girlfriend is the one that actually got this started. I asked her to pick up some pet food one day, and she asked me what kind she needed to get. I told her to use her best judgement. I later found that she was nervous about buying anything and that she did extensive research to find the most nutritious brand.

Leading Citadel to Greatness

The United State has one of the most flexible and advanced financial institutions. Only skilled and qualified entrepreneurs survive in this competitive financial jungle. The market experiences cyclic shifts and sometimes recession. Mr. Kenneth Griffin is a versatile, talented and veteran entrepreneur who has achieved tremendous success in the financial investment sector. He is the founder and CEO of Citadel Investment Group based in Chicago. The company was managing approximately $25 billion in investment capital as of March 2015. Citadel is unquestionably the biggest alternative investment company. Griffin was born and raised in Daytona Beach, Florida. He is an alumnus of Harvard University and holds a degree in economics. His interest in investment was triggered after reading a Forbes Magazine article. In 1986 still a freshman, he started offering his services to the interested fellow students. In 1987, he started a convertible bond arbitrage focused hedge fund comprised of contributions from friend and family. Frank Meyer, the inventor of hedge fund and co-founder of Glenwood Partners noticed his efforts and solid start. He supported Mr. Griffin Citadel concept with $1 million. After graduating from Harvard University, he established Citadel in 1990. The company enjoyed tremendous success and by 1998, the capital had grown from $4.6 million to $1 billion investment capital. Both the Forbes 400 and Fortune magazine have recognized Griffin success severally. He has an excellent track of record in financial investment running for over 38 years. He offers both managerial and leadership services to Citadel. He exercise joint decision- making and manages over 2500 employees. In the midst of his employees, it may be hard to recognize, Mr. Griffin, he mixes with them freely. He is a strong advocate of teamwork. He believes great innovative ideas can be established when different minds are brought together. According to Great Places to Work Institute findings, Citadel makes it to the top 10 list. Griffin motivates his employees through museum tours, personal gifts, free lunches, and fitness program. The company has an incredible talent development and retention program. He organizes seminars, workshops, and funds employees to attend paid conferences. He believes happiness in each employee will translate to increase in productivity. Speaking at the Milken Global Conference, he highlighted the need to invest in employees to develop a complex organization. He keenly evaluates marketing models before deploying them to the market. He led a highly trained team of professional to develop and launch Kensington Global Strategies. The strategy received the top honors at the Alternative Investment Awards. He is an active humanitarian; he has donated approximately $500 to support various institutions in Chicago. He helps needy undergraduate students to achieve their higher education dream. He gave a significant donation to Harvard University totaling to $150 million. To honor him, the University tagged one of its financial offices with Griffin’s name. He adores art, and various museums and artists have benefited from his donations and purchases. The Museum of Contemporary Art and Art Institute of Chicago are some of the benefactors. He is politically active, and he has donated to several politicians.

The Expensive High Rise In New York City

The growth in real estate throughout the Manhattan area is constantly growing and developing. In fact, it grew to more than 9.5% every year, and it has showcased some seriously fast growth in 7 short years. Around one in five homes that are available on the market today in Brooklyn and Manhattan can be considered a luxurious home. New York has shown through their real estate and current growth that they continue to attract locals and internationals into their market. Their current developments and current rent prices are continuing to get higher with the average rent price reaching $3,000+.

The Expensive High Rise In New York City

Renting Is Reaching High Prices

You’ll find that anybody who plans on renting in Manhattan will experience an expensive and heavy price per month. In the wake of potential overcrowding, the high rents can be the only way to avoid rooms being filled with over population.

Town Real Estate is truly one of the best companies in the industry today because of what they offer and the different types of systems she has in place. NYC Luxury real estate offers only top of the line services, developments, and current homes that can truly benefit affordable and still luxurious homes. Their top of the line homes developed at the moment are going to allow you to save some money and get a place ready in no time. Their current growth is developing every single year allowing for new people to experience some serious growth.

Town Real Estate is known for creating some of the most amazing developments and homes. The best part about Town Real Estate is that they are also continuing to develop their homes in new areas considering there are so many wonderful locations to live.

This area can be a bit expensive if you aren’t very much looking for the right offers. There’s so many great ways to save some serious cash, but with the right experience and knowledge, you can get yourself out there and truly achieve much success and save money on your next home or apartment. Town Real Estate works hard at coming up with only quality opportunities and services, and they strive to build unique homes that are top of the line and made of only quality foundations.

The constant growth and expensive prices are definitely growing, but you’ll find that it’s all about finding the right place for yourself.

Slyce to Unveil a New Mobile Visual Search Suite Product for Retailers

Slyce Inc is Visual Product search entity firm that plans to release a leading tool for the visual search to retailers. The company releases the search tool at Other related services still in development state will be released. The use of Slyce image recognition integrated into retailer’s e-commerce mobile apps will help clients to take an image in 3 or 2D, and then represent the photo to other matching items from the seller’s inventory. The searched products can be bought at the point of impulse. The technology enables visual searches among known world retailers such as Neiman Marcus, JCPenney and Home depot. Slyce plans to release this tool and related search products that help retailers interact with mobile consumers, increase revenues and know what buyers want.

There are several products in line for release

The universal scanner allows users to take an image or the surrounding and then match it with similar products online. The Slyce universal scanner technology handles real world image, barcodes, coupons and QR codes.

The Slyce Insight tool is a first search data analytic technology in the market that mines important data and image using contextual setup. The tool guides retailers on what buyers think of the visual search to improve their buying.

Snap To Coupon technology is an app that helps retailers to take an image of the printed coupon and turn it into an optimized mobile setup. It is stored in the app and reminds users to claim their bonuses before it expires or when they are near a retailer.

The Slyce Out Of Stock Mitigation Platform use attributes matching technique and helps to increase mobile sales. The tool abbreviated as BETA, provide an alternative to buyers who want products but they are out of stock. It uses complex visual relevance analysis to communicate.

Other launches

In addition to the above retailer platforms, Slyce expects to release other visual search consumer apps, such as the Pounce. This is a mobile shopping app. Crave is an addition visual search platform from Slyce used for boutique fashion discovery as well as the SnipSnap app a leader in Mobile coupon in the US.

Slyce Company produces 3D concepts in visual search technology and allows customers to engage in different apps. With headquarters in Toronto, Slyce offers its technology as white label visual searching setups that make sellers interact with buyers efficiently using mobile apps. The company develops apps used by big retailers as well as emerging ones.

Lime Crime: Deliciously Criminal Cosmetics and Hairspirations

The online Do-It-Yourself clothing, makeup and hair scene trend hasn’t been quite the same since Doe Deere, a NYC-based makeup artist, musician, model and lifestyle blogger made her electric presence known on Ebay in 2004, which at that time was all about her winsome, frilly, vintage clothing line–Thunderwear!–featuring completely reconstructed clothing to suit her highly eclectic, whimsical taste. Thunderwear! soon transitioned into the now well-known Lime Crime line, born from her favorite colors and color combination–lime green and hot pink–which became her signature for her Lime Crime eBay store. It did not take long–only several months later, in fact–for Deere and her larger-than-life creativity to outgrow the confines of eBay’s product presentation constraints and launch her very own world wide website, which she designed herself:

Deere, whose legal name is Xenia Vorotova, began to dabble in makeup when she opened up her new website for the same reasons she began to design clothing. She wanted something different that most companies weren’t offering: loud, bold, bright makeup products in “cute packaging,” as she put it. Once she discovered the freedom of expression cosmetic artistry gave her, she was hooked, and the first ideas for her Lime Crime makeup products began to take shape. For the next few years, she posted fantasy makeup tutorials on and Doe Deere Blogazine, which generated more site traffic and enthusiasm than did her clothing line and led her to eventually let that go in favor of her newfound passion.

In October of 2008, Deere launched under the slogan, “So Bright, It’s Illegal,” and quickly became known for her Lime Criminal Magic Dust Eyeshadow and her Unicorn Lipsticks, which featured unusual colors and came in bright purple tubes with sparkling unicorns, along with her original collections of eye shadow, glitter, blush and primers. The site, now, also introduced her new blog page,, where she currently spotlights fans, discusses fashion trends, offers tips on makeup and hair designs, and even offers glimpses inside LC headquarters, now located in Los Angeles.

These days, “The Queen of Unicorns” is as infatuated as ever with the creation of all things illegally bright and beautiful, though she now has a subdued eye, lip and nail color line for the new pastel-punk trend. LC’s “makeup for unicorns” features Deere’s Velvetine liquid-to-matte lipstick line and the attractively packaged Venus palette of unconventional, nu-grunge eyeshadow colors, both very popular with her customers, which includes professional makeup artists. LC’s site also offers a wide variety of other bold and matte eyeshadows and lipsticks, fun body and hair glitter, and nail polish available at Urban Outfitters

LC cosmetics are not only wildly original and beautiful, they are also cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. LC also believes in giving back–and often. Their charities include: Girls, Inc., an education and positive reinforcement program for young girls; HOLA, an afterschool program for children in LA; Sanctuary for Families, a center for battered women; two animal charities; and the Red Cross.

The Successful Young Career Of Self-Made Billionaire Kenneth Griffin

Ken Griffin is a young American billionaire, and he’s the CEO and founder of the powerful worldwide investment firm known as Citadel. In May 2015, Ken had an estimated personal net worth of $6.6 billion at the young age of 46. He has been recognized in Forbes magazine for two different milestones. The first accolade is that Ken was listed in 2012 as part of the Forbes 400 list, and the same year Forbes listed him as one of the top earning hedge fund managers in the country, and he is likely one the top earning hedge fund managers in the world too. This isn’t too surprising considering Ken has been successfully managing hedge funds since he started investing money his freshman year at Harvard after reading some an investment articles in Forbes magazine no less. The next year he founded his first hedge fund, and he ran it out of his dorm room with satellite link he installed to get real time market information.

He is also well known for his work in philanthropy. Ken believes in kindness and giving back due to his faith, and he was raised in and is still a member of the Presbyterian church. One of his most noteworthy contributions was when he donated money to the tune of $150 million back to his alma mater Harvard’s financial aid program. He made this donation to Harvard in 2014, and at the time it was the largest recorded donation that Harvard had ever received. That isn’t his only work in philanthropy. His estimated contributions to other organizations over the years has been around half a billion dollars.

After Ken graduated from Harvard in 1989 with a degree in economics, he caught the eye of other investors like Frank Meyer. Meyer gave him about a million dollars to invest, and Ken was confident he could do well, and he did very well. The reason he needed to do well, and make a huge return on the investment for himself and Meyer, was because he had has ambitions set on founding what would be Citadel. Ken wanted to start a major hedge fund his first year out of Harvard and put his degree to better use financially. He was able to return the $1 million Meyer’s invested in him plus a rumored 70% return. Ken himself appeared to make the $4.6 million he used as startup capital to found Citadel.

He started Citadel in 1990 with $4.6 million that one can only assume he made off the investment given to him the previous year. Eight years later he turned that $4.6 million in initial Citadel investment capital into $1 billion in an investment capital and over 100 employees. Due to his success, and the success of Citadel, Ken has appeared a myriad of times in Forbes magazine, and in 2003 when he was only 34 years old, Ken was named the self-made man on the list. Ken’s wealth and influence continued to grow, and he proves hard and smart work can pay off big.

Simplify Your Life With Help From Handy

Life can be complicated in many ways. People often find themselves needing to accomplish many varied tasks each day including putting in a full work day, supervising children, keeping track of their finances and preparing a full list of daily meals. Most people also need to make sure that they have a clean house as well. A house needs to be tended to in order to avoid problems such as issues with messiness that may make it hard for the homeowner to meet their daily needs. This is why many people look for help from outside sources to make sure that they are getting their needs met.

One of the keys to making life easier is by looking for ways to simplify it. Focusing in on important tasks can help the person have the kind of life they want. One of the best ways to simplify any life is by looking for help. Those who need help to get their home cleaned will find that locating a cleaning company is made far easier with the use of an app called Handy. Handy is an app that allows the users to locate many potential cleaning companies that can come to their homes and clean them according to their exact specifications.

The use of Handy is ideal for someone who needs a cleaning company for help but is not sure where to begin to look. Letting someone into one’s home is not always an easy thing to do. The person hiring the company wants to be able to make sure that any company that comes to their house is fully reliable and can be trusted. All users will also want to make sure that any company they hire to clean their houses will be able to follow their exact instructions so that they can get the kind of results they want from hiring them.

Using Handy app can allow the user to relax and feel less stressed in life. They can be confident because they have been able to locate a company that will clean their house when they want it cleaned. Knowing that a house is clean the moment the owner walks inside can be greatly comforting. A homeowner is able to let go of their busy day for a few moments and walk inside knowing that the bathroom has been scrubbed, the day’s toys have been put away and they do not have a list of chores waiting for them once they are there. This can be important for someone who feels a great deal of stress in life and finds it hard to let go of the small things. Letting someone else take over for them can be very freeing and help them feel calmer and less anxious. They do not need to worry that they must immediately start cleaning the living room the second they walk through the door. This can help someone feel more confident and at ease as they go through their days.

Giving your Dog a Good Treat with Beneful

Beneful is a dog food that is prepared by the most popular company. Purina has worked for twenty-five years has always tried and produced the best it can to keep all dogs healthy and active. Its employees have tirelessly worked so hard to make real that all dog having a diet that makes them strong and emotionally stable throughout their life. Sources have revealed that the company has spent nearly $40.7 million in an effort to prepare Beneful. Most dogs benefit from an eating diet that is higher in protein. Developing puppies, pregnant mutts, senior dogs on health improvement plans are especially significant possibility for eating procedures with increased protein. Most puppies and growing dogs need foods that supply a lot of proteins that supply them with energy that makes them play active roles in their lives.

Purina and its affiliates have combined efforts to see the company succeed. Creative responsibilities have so far enabled Purina Beneful dog foods to provide top-notch service to its clients especially on Quality has always been their backbone to uphold their reputation. The abundant supply of enough dog food only does benefit the dog if the owner of the pet is keen enough on food administration. Too much protein is dangerous to the dog. However, the solution to overweight is also available. The primary concern for Purina on your dog is good health and stable physical and mental emotions. Overweight dogs can attain healthy weight loss through a great protein diet and caloric restriction. Several studies have established that providing advanced levels of protein in a dog’s diet as part of reducing the weight of a dog program can facilitate the loss of excess fat.

Omega-3 foods for both young and adult dogs is also important. Your dog depends on Omega-3 fatty acids for some things, including vision and mental health in young puppies, helping manage aggravation in skin and joints, and an entire host of other physiologic capacities. Most people prefer Purina products because they are satisfactory in making your dog strong and healthy. Omega-3 unsaturated fats are ordinarily found in marine sources. Purina uses fish oil or fish dinner as fixings to supply Omega-3 unsaturated fats. A few items may express that they have been improved with DHA or EPA.

Purina provides foods with enough fiber to promote a well digestive system. Purina provides its prebiotic fiber from chicory, wheat aleurone, and beet tissue. Purina dog foods make available the optimal amount of mutually soluble and insoluble fiber for a dog’s life stage. Purina dog nourishment are nutritionally well-adjusted for each dog’s life period. Working with veterinarian and selecting the right food for the life phase of the dog and following the feeding procedures are the first steps toward keeping the dog within a hale and hearty weight range.

Purina has formulated a mixture of complete and adjusted weight control plans with more increased amounts of protein for puppies and grown-up canines that may require more protein than others. Use Purina’s product selector to discover food that supply your puppy with the right measure of protein he needs.

Invest in Your Man, Invest in the Future.

Right now, is a marvelous time to be a woman because right now is an incredible time to be a man, at least when it comes to fashion. Gone are the grungy days of watching your boyfriend crawl out of the bed with only ten minutes for a shower and out the door, thereby precipitating the action of throwing on whatever is found piled on the floor that hasn’t been worn for three days in a row and may or may not smell like stale Axe body spray. No ma’am, these days men are starting to realize it’s fun to play dress up, to be a gentleman, and to take pride in their appearance. They are starting to realize how good it feels to wear nice things and to actually look the part of that “mad man” they aspire to be. A revival in traditional men’s grooming habits, like going to the barber on a weekly basis for a hot shave and a well maintained coiffure is also bringing about a welcomed revival in men’s fashion and the processes used to create that fashion. After all, who wants to have a caviar and Champaign head when it’s been set on a body of ramen noodles?

There’s something to be said for being timeless and being the embodiment of a true gentleman. But, just because your man is legit, doesn’t mean he can’t also have casual days. The right pair of italian shoes can make or break your wardrobe. This is why doing your research and choosing versatile and classic pieces that will stay with your man for the long haul is important. I’d rather buy my husband one incredible pair of Paul Evans “Martin Wholecuts” so that every time he puts them on he remembers who gave him that feeling of looking like a million bucks, than have to replace a worn out pair of kicks every couple of months. This simple, elegant, Italian calfskin shoe is his favorite pair. He tells me he feels like James Bond every time he puts them on. For the days when my husband isn’t pretending to be 007, I purchased the Paul Evans High-Top Sneaker, which is totally on trend this year.

Why Paul Evans for both pairs? The short answer, quality. Yes, buying a pair of grown-up shoes is an investment in yourself or your significant other, but it’s also an investment in the global community. I know that I am paying for the finest materials available, I’m assuring the continued production of well-crafted products, and the livelihood of centuries old family businesses. I love this company: charge a fair price, produce an incredible product, and cut out the greedy middleman.

The Journey of Yeonmi Park

Yeonmi Park is a famous, young North Korean defector currently involved in fulltime human rights activism. Park became famous in 2014 after delivering a speech at a summit called One Young World. The summit brings together young people from different parts of the world once in a year to discus emerging issues and to come up with solutions to those issues. Park’s drive to be fully involved in human rights activism and defector of North Korean government is highly influenced by her experienced since childhood.

Park was born in 1993 in a family that was well connected politically. Her father worked as a civil servant and her mother as a nurse for North Korean Army, and they were able to provide her with quality education. At some point, Park’s father started engaging in illegal smuggling business. He was arrested by North Korean government and imprisoned. In 1997, when her father was still in prison, Park came across a pirated DVD with content that revealed how oppressive the government of North Korea was. The DVD influenced her to change her views towards the government. She explained that the content of the DVD made her to have “a taste of freedom” and led her to learn the meaning of love.

When Park’s father was released from prison, he asked his family to find a way of escaping from North Korea. Park, her sister and her mother escaped to China with the help of human traffickers. Her sister took a different way in China. Park and her mother landed in a province called Jilin in China. Her father, who was left in North Korea, passed away in 2008. Afterwards, Park and her mother moved afterwards to Qingdao in China where they were hosted by South Korean and Chinese missionaries. Later, the two travelled to Mongolia through Gobi Desert but were held by Mongolian authorities at Ulan Bator detention center. Later, Mongolian authorities sent them to Chinggis Khaan Airport based in Ulan Bator to fly to Seoul, South Korea. In South Korea, Park and her mother got waitresses ad shop assistant jobs, which supported Park to join Dongguk University based in Seoul to continue with education. They re-united with Eunmi in 2014.

Park has been interested in writing about her journey and the conditions in North Korea since escaping from that country. With the support of volunteers, such as Freedom Factory Corporation, Park has been focusing on describing the hardships that North Koreans and refugees escaping from that country face. In a book titled In Order to Live, she describes the difficulties she endured during her journey from North Korea. She confronts the difficulties she faced with resilience but believes that she should contribute to ending circumstances that lead North Koreans and other people in the world to face similar experiences. To meet her goal, she recently joined other human rights activists and Liberty in North Korea, an organization that is involved in rescuing North Koreans suffering from deprivation by North Korean government. She frequently appears in interviews in Televisions and newspapers explaining her experiences and views related to human rights activism.