How Did Bruce Levenson Make The Atlanta Hawks Into An $850 Million Team?

The Atlanta Hawks exist in one of the largest media markets in America, but they did not compete on the level of the other major market teams. The Hawks were often seen as a small market team until Bruce Levenson took over, and this article explains how the Hawks have started to look powerful in the NBA. Teams that once overlooked the Hawks now fear them, and the team is attracting better players every year.

#1: How Did Bruce Change The Hawks?

The Hawks have changed their look, and they appear to be a bigger contender now that Bruce has done his work. He believes the team will improve by leaps and bounds because he is investing in basketball operations, and he helped create a team that won 60 games in a season, went to the conference finals for the first time and plays a strong style that is difficult to defend.

#2: How Did Bruce Sell The Team?

Bruce has been involved with the team for some team, and he was ready to move on from the team as he sought other opportunities in his business career. Selling the team to Anthony Ressler was quite simple, and the price jumped to $850 million because the team is perceived to be on the rise.

#3: Bringing In Grant Hill

Bruce was wise to work with buyers such as Tony Ressler and Grant Hill, and the team has been left in fine hands because of their involvement. Bruce knew how to lead the team, and he understand how simple it would be to help the team become better by selling to the right people.

Bruce Levenson became one of the best owners in the NBA by offering a fresh approach to the Hawks. Their team grew, sold and remains competitive because of Bruce’s commitment.

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Online Reputation Management Is A Way To Protect Your Company

As a business owner or firm manager you may have heard all kind of stories regarding online reputation as well as just how your credibility can effect your success and revenue. If you have a good online reputation management system in place, you’ll no have to worry about reputation issues. Reputation management firms can advise and guide you.

People browse the web searching for information regarding firms and service providers before choosing one to take care of their need. It is suggested to establish a good online reputation and also make certain that clients and customers are impressed with what they see when they look you up on search engines and social media sites.

It’s real that favorable or positive reputation can help you to succeed in your endeavors while unfavorable or derogatory online image could seriously impede your progress or perhaps damage your entire business or organization. As a result, to attain the success you desire in your undertaking, it is absolutely essential to check out how you are portrayed online and take actions to deal with any issues.

The main function of online reputation management is to protect the reputation of your company. All the methods of Internet marketing such as review sites, social media, and discussion forums could work to either your advantage or negative aspect. They offer your competitors or any disgruntled clients the capacity to defame your company effortlessly and also it could be practically impossible to shut down a website that is slandering your company.

Being involves online in these different places could not only give you the possibility to monitor just what is being posted about your firm but it also provides you a chance to stop assaults and defamation. There are numerous methods to do this, for instance buying all the domain names associated with your company, making certain the information on your accounts that are on review websites is correct, and also asking for positive endorsements to be posted on your firm’s social media page, and also various other conversation online forums.


The Motivational Career of Helane Morrison

Helane Morrison has been in charge of the enforcement at the Commission for Securities and Exchanges for three years. She says her agenda at the San Francisco location has been very aggressive. She was promoted to the administrator for the office and intents to continue this approach. The chairman, Arthur Levitt was the one to announce her well earned promotion. She is also the very first woman to have the honor of being the chief of this district.


Ms. Morrison has stated that her work with the other individuals in enforcement have made their presence stronger with a much greater impact. She also says that as the woman heading the office one of her main goals is to keep up the same level of momentum going forward.


Ms. Morrison will be in charge of both the enforcement and examination associated with the programs that fall into the jurisdiction of the office in San Francisco. This jurisdiction also include numerous other states. The region is known as the Pacific based Region. She has replaced David Bayless, who has been the administrator for the San Francisco office for a total of five years time. He stepped down from his position and joined Morrison & Foerster, He is now a partner with this San Francisco based law firm.


Ms. Morrison went to work at the SEC in 1996. She has since had a supervisory role in several investigations that led to enforcement related actions against a New York security firm and auditors at a California company specializing in Micro Devices.


Since Ms. Morrison was practicing law prior to 1996, she did have clients who were being sued by the SEC. These securities clients were defended by her in actionable suits regarding investigations taking place by SEC. Ms. Morrison has also been instrumental in the defense of firms for stock brokers involved in lawsuits filed by their clients.


Ms. Morrison received her law degree upon graduating from the Boalt Hall School of Law. This school was located at Berkeley. She has also served the United States Supreme Court as a clerk for Justice Harry Blackmun.


Handy is the New Name in Home Cleaning

If you haven’t heard of entrepreneurs Umang Dua and Oisin Hanrahan, maybe you should learn more about them. They are single-handedly giving cleaning professionals all over the United States, (and even some parts of Canada and the UK), the ability to work for themselves as independent contractors for high-quality clients. Professionals can work under safe and reliable working conditions and set their own hours.

Simply, put, workers can sign up to work as housekeepers, maids, repair professionals, handy people, movers and furniture assemblers via the Handy App. People looking to hire workers for temporary and permanent jobs use the app to find workers every day. Workers then choose to work on their own terms.

Currently, the founders can boast that Handy’s customer base has a retention base of 80%. This means 80% of the customers re-order services again. Handy offers customers the convenience of ordering the services they need without having to deal with large, impersonal companies or unprofessional people they might meet online.

Handy ( ensures customer safety by only certifying workers who have completed background checks and who have a transparent and legal work history and credentials. Handy understands that modern families have incredibly busy schedules. Home is really a place just to relax. Most people don’t want to do additional work when they get home. They don’t want to clean, organize, move or fix things. They just need a break. Handy offers them the break they need on their terms. They don’t have to sacrifice a quality living space in the process.

Even for people who are motivated enough to do their own cleaning, finding the time is extremely challenging. However, when you hire a Handy cleaner, you can head to the park or run errands and come home to a clean home. Nothing could be simpler.


Lime Crime’s Newest Product Will Make You “Sparkle Like A Fairy On Acid”

Launched in 2008, cult favorite makeup brand Lime Crime has been combining whimsical packaging with seriously bold and radiant colors for eight years. With its enormous Instagram following of almost 2.5 million followers, and its products being sold in mega retailers such as Urban Outfitters, this fun and imaginative makeup brand is becoming a serious force to be reckoned with in the world of cosmetics.

Lime Crime has recently released its newest product line, Diamond Crushers. Diamond Crushers is an iridescent lip topper which comes in a tube with a wand, similar to a lip gloss. The product can be worn over any lipstick shade to create an extra iridescent effect, and the product description on the company’s website promises to make you “sparkle like a fairy on acid.”

This whimsical and tongue-in-cheek approach to makeup is a huge part of Lime Crime’s success. Lime Crime founder and CEO Doe Deere has been experimenting with bright colors and playful imagery since she was a little girl exploring her mother’s makeup drawer. Now, eight years into her role as CEO of an enormously popular makeup brand, she continues to dream up cosmetic products that ignite the imaginations of makeup lovers across the world.

Diamond Crushers is the most recent in a long line of hugely successful makeup products. The company’s first big hit was its original lipstick line, called “Unicorn Lipsticks.” Unicorn Lipsticks is a line of lipsticks which come in unconventional and playful hues, and its packaging features sparkly unicorns. The product has been a coveted favorite among beauty bloggers.

The company will continue to expand its product line as the company grows. In addition to creating new products, the company is also constantly dreaming up new color choices for its most popular products, such as the Velvetines, a line of liquid lipsticks which have proven to be a favorite among lipstick lovers.

By combining colorful fantasy with playful humor, Doe Deere has created an empire which resonates with beauty fans worldwide. Her loyal customers are sure to fall head over heels for Diamond Crushers, as well as any future products that come out of the Deere’s colorful and dreamy imagination.

Developing Fashions Models at the Brown Modelling Agency

Brown Modelling Agency is located in Texas. It recruits models through its model scouting agency that travels throughout the United States cities. The agency mostly finds the models in clubs, schoolyards, shopping malls, and the places that young people like to hang out. Some models even sent their photos and resume to the organization. The agency insists on personal contacts to observe the models in their natural faces. They do not consider individuals dressed in makeup attempting to strike supermodel poses.

Preparing Models for the Modelling Career

Brown Agency models are requested to move to the facility or vicinity of the Organization after signing with the Agency. Models are urged to build a strong character as some originally tend to feel weak and insecure as they begin their career. The agency supports them through these hard times. The agency may also give full protection to some young models that might end up being violated by clubs owners or unfaithful artists who sought their service. The agency then recommends the young models to develop proper decision making as the industry involves fame and glamor which in turn attracts many illegal dealings. The company takes ambitious models and makes them successful. Indiscipline models that tend to miss out on meetings and castings end up frustrated and unsuccessful. The models who make it are the only ones that take modeling as a profession.

Educating Models on Client Presentations
How a model presents him/herself to the customer is majorly the effort of the individual. The company educates the models on the techniques they can use to attract probable customers. Some models often attempt to look sophisticated and elegant but lack the up-to-date knowledge to have the best looks. This is the main oversight that most hopeful models create while trying to turn into fashion models. Models can choose beauty, fetish, maternity, fitness, urban and even glamor modeling. Clients frequently desire to see models in their natural looks. The agency educates them not to wear makeup except for little amounts. They are also asked to keep nice nails and clean hair. The modeling bureau also trains the models on how to maintain professional and pleasant attitudes. Clients are often impressed by models who value their service rather than the ones desperate for the job.

Teaching Models how to Work the Camera
Modeling involves being in front of the camera most of the time. Brown Modelling Agency teaches young models how to become exhibitionists. The group educates models on how to prepare, create ideas, and make earlier references for photo shooting sessions. The bureau ultimately facilitates the young models to discover their best character when they pose during photo shoots. Models that perform best under the camera get hired for acting crossovers.

Why You Need Online Reputation Management

Are you worried about what people are saying about your service, your product or your organization? Do you know what your competitors may be doing to ruin your business or your career? It is extremely essential for every business person or professional to have a good online reputation management in place.

When you are in business or managing an organization, it is imperative to take your reputation seriously. You will have control of your online review and monitor what people read about your or your business. If you have a ruined reputation, potential customers and others will find out and will not want to patronize your business.

A great online reputation is what every business person or professional desires. Sometimes you can get lucky and nobody gives you a bad review, but when they do it can have a devastating impact on your sales and revenue. You need to talk to the experts in the field of reputation management to find out how they can protect your reputation online.

If you hesitate to create the image you want for yourself or your organization, the marketplace will create one for you. It may not be a favorable or positive image but you will have to deal with it or spend a huge amount of effort and time trying to res-establish a good one. Many in the marketplace, particularly competitors, have their own agenda, which is likely not going to benefit you.

Derogatory comments and reviews from irate customers or malicious competitors can appear any time, and they can cost your organization in future customers, potential sales, and even potential employees. It is absolutely necessary to do something to guard against these types of matters. You simply can’t afford to hesitate taking action on these issue. That’s where reputation management experts come in.

You can take steps to set up a reputation management system that will help you establish a great image for yourself and your organization. By having the right system in place, you can protect yourself and your brand before any threat or attack occurs.


Makari Skin Care : The Leader in Skin Whitening

Makari de Suisse is a company who provides exceptional care for the skin. This multicultural line of products focuses on creams to both lighten and whiten the skin, leaving behind skin that is smooth, beautiful and radiant. This brand is specifically designed to bring out the diversity and exquisite nature of everyone’s skin.

The Makari name came from Swahili, and translated means beautiful. The lives of people all over the world has been touched by Makari for ten years. Produced in Switzerland, these products represent only the very best in quality, experience and reputation. These products are healthy for the skin and leave it in a better condition than it originally was. For anyone interested in flawless, radiant, lighter skin, Makari will not disappoint. They are a true leader in the industry.

Makari has an extensive line of amazing products. These products can raise your confidence by dramatically changing your look. When you feel the beauty and flawless nature of your skin, it shows. Unlocking your potential through pampered skin care is Makari’s goal. They also offer bath products, hair care, cosmetics, and fragrances. They have some amazingly decadent kits available that can spoil anyone. A specific line for babies is gentle on the skin, softly cleanses and leaves behind added moisture. Makari is aware of the importance of the naturally occurring oils in a babies skin and their products reflect this.

These products will help lighten any dark spots, fade away scaring from acne and slow down nature. What is amazing is Makari accomplishes this without using any ingredients that are harmful in any way. These are truly natural products with clinical proof that they do indeed lighten the skin. Makari is all about luxury, pampering and self confidence and they have succeeded beautifully.

An understanding of individuals needs has led Makari to have experts on skin care on their staff. Whatever products you need, they will help take care of you in every possible way. They even have a form for contact right on their website for this purpose.

Don Ressler: The Journey Of An Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur’s journey can start from anywhere. Entrepreneurs often start from the bottom. In many cases, they do have jobs when they start off. The one factor that influences an entrepreneur is whether or not he has an idea that he is passionate about. This is the one thing that determines whether or not the entrepreneur is going to succeed. Another factor is whether or not he has a business plan that is going to work well for him. Then he could move forward with his plans. Another thing for the entrepreneur is that he has to adapt to change.

One of the successful entrepreneurs is Don Ressler of JustFab. He has seen something that he is passionate about. He has found himself very interested in fashion. His interest has led him to put together lines of clothing that brought out a lot of interesting new designs for people to enjoy. Don Ressler has especially dealt with the active wear area of fashion. This has led him to bring forth Fabletics with Kate Hudson. This branch of JustFab has athletic clothing but with a twist. Fabletics is designed to be a stylish type of athletic clothing for people to enjoy.

While Fabletics has kept the subscription model of JustFab, it has proven to be a bigger hit than JustFab because the fashion line offers something that people do not see anywhere else. When people look at the types of clothes offered by Fabletics, they see that there are a lot of great looking designs that defer from the same boring designs that are offered by other athletic stores. For one thing, women are less prone to seeing fashion as just something that is functional. There is also an aesthetic quality that women want to get from fashion, and Fabletics delivers on that.

Fabletics has been such a success among women that the CEOs and the creative people behind this business has looked for ways to expand this brand. Among the ways of expansion including the addition of a men’s line as well as physical locations so that more people will be able to shop there.

Bruce Levenson Sold The Atlanta Hawks Last Year

Last year, the group that owned the Atlanta Hawks were working to finalize the sale of the team, which was owned by Bruce Levenson. A group led by Antony Ressler, a billionaire equity and investment fund manager, were the ones who purchased the team.

Bruce Levenson, as well as other investors, sold the Hawks for a reported $850 million according to Before Levenson and others were able to finalize the deal, the NBA owners had to approve the sale.

More About Bruce Levenson

Levenson is one of the founders of UGC, United Communications Group. He also owns Atlanta Spirit, LLC., and he was one of the owners of the NBA basketball team the Atlanta Hawks.

Since early 2015, Bruce Levenson has served as the director of, and he has also served on the Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association’s board of directors. The businessman is also involved with many philanthropic ventures. He is a very charitable man and a very successful businessman. Asides from being that, he is highly educated and he obtained a Bachelor’s degree from Washington University. He also earned a JD from American University.

As you can see, Bruce Levenson is someone you want to do business with because of his success. He knows what it takes to be a good businessman.